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5 surprising things that happen when you stop drinking

I can name you know, like, only a couple people that were really active back then. And now there’s numerous communities and pages and influencers and groups. https://ecosoberhouse.com/ It’s just a really amazing what’s happening. And I’m really like, excited to be a part of it. There are countless benefits to living alcohol-free.

That’s what I went and studied at Virginia Tech communications. And so, I’m always learning and thinking about how to market things to people, but in an ethical way, right? But what I’m doing is like I’m propagating the alcohol-free lifestyle, and I’m just giving the facts you know, and because, like you said, in a lot of traditional recovery programs, people scared Are you into being sober? You know, you’re kind of reminded on a daily, well, this is gonna happen to you, if you don’t get sober, let’s, let’s always talk about how bad things were. And sure that works in the beginning, I think a little bit, you know, when you’re really in a bad place, and you’re like, fuck, I really never want to go back there. But then when things start to get better, you forget really quickly how bad things were. And, you know, I’m not staying sober for the same reasons.

Improved mem­o­ry function

Alcohol abuse is one of the most common causes of arguments in relationships because it leads to bad communication and anger problems. Rituals we share with family and friends help us bond with our loved ones and fulfill the basic human need for connectedness. Your routine probably looks a lot different from the way it did at the start of the current health crisis.

What happens after a week of no alcohol?

After a week without alcohol, you may find that you have a lot more energy. After the sluggishness and discomfort at the beginning of the week, suddenly, you wake up full of beans. You may notice your face is less puffy too, and your eyes might seem brighter.

For years, alcohol has long been a main player in bringing people together to socialize. But recently, an increasing number of people are trying to live their lives without booze. And it’s you know, it’s like any it’s like a diet right are saying I’m going to cut out this or I’m going to cut out that like I’m doing this What are they called? I’m having a lot of inflammation so I’m having to cut things out of my diet to try and figure out what I’m eating that I that’s not good for me. So right I’m supposed to be going gluten free, but it’s really hard to just go gluten free.

Empowering Mindset Shifts for Women in Sobriety

You know, I’ve done so much work in the past five years. It keeps me up at night knowing how many women in midlife are working hard to keep drinking because the thought of quitting is too much. Don’t remember clearly what happened on the 31st of December?

If you are putting off taking a break or ultimately quitting drinking, remember you are not alone. When I was thinking about quitting drinking, I was fearful because of what sobriety meant. This question is what I searched for when I was trying to decide if I needed to quit or could moderate. I get this question a lot, so I wanted to share it with you, but it’s not the question we should ask as women.

What is sober-curious?

You’ve reached the fork in the road where you can continue to make alcohol work, or you can take a new path towards living alcohol-free. I know we want to compare ourselves to others, but alcohol free lifestyle it’s not necessary when it comes to drinking. Most women going through menopause tell me that they can’t drink as much as they used to without hangovers and suffering the consequences.

  • I when I was like I had been gluten free before now meaning gluten again.
  • And it is cake stands and shoot the boot like chugging races, and we used to cake runs where you run after a car.
  • When you face a workday without a hangover you’ll notice a huge shift in productivity.
  • Spending time with friends may even help you live longer, research shows.
  • This will allow you to socialise without feeling the pressure to drink.

And it’s really, you know, it’s not just about, oh, I’m saving money, or I’m losing weight, it’s about, you know, how is your liver functioning doing better? Which is your, your body’s biggest organ? Are you more hydrated, yes, like, there’s so many benefits to just even taking a break from alcohol?

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